We undertake work in Woodlands throughout Shropshire which involves coppice restoration, small scale felling, dangerous tree removal as well as bridges and other installations…


Having undertaken voluntary work with the National Trust, the way in which a wood can be transformed by a timely intervention can bring about amazing results.

We have assisted both the National Trust and Shropshire Wildlife Trust in their endeavours to manage safety aspects of the trees on their properties.


Wood Matters undertakes a variety of work projects within woodlands that includes coppicing, small scale felling/thinning and ensuring woodland boundaries are introduced or repaired in the way of fencing or hedgelaying.

We also carry out dangerous and windthrow trees, invasive species removal and scrub clearance. On the odd occasion we have undertaken cliff side tree removal on sensitive sites in order to preserve rare grasses and plants. We can install habitat piles of dead and dying wood for the bugs and beasties!


Community Open Days

Wood Matters have been involved with community open days looking at ways of safe, low impact wood extraction from small awkward woods with steep paths. This was involving private woodland owners with very much a hands on approach and was received very positively.One of the most challenging of sites with steep and narrow paths where we utilised the services ofa small pony and a small chariot within the framework of an open day.woodlands-right