Wood Matters provides a sustainable approach to the care & management of your trees, whether that is removal, reducing the size & re-shaping or undertaking safety work.

We Love Trees!

At Wood Matters, we love trees and want to look after them in the best possible way.

Our approach is simple: we would rather not remove them if possible, but if they have to go we would undertake the task efficiently and professionally and with the minimum of disruption to all.  Not all trees have to be felled as there are alternative options to consider: a crown reduction for instance or reshaping and thinning; this will allow more light and wind filtration.

There are the inherent dangers to tree work which is why through training, professional attention to detail and undertaking a continual fluid risk assessment, we can avoid damage to property.

We have at our disposal, qualified, professional and friendly staff whose approach is to get the job done whatever it takes!

We aim to fully meet your needs and requirements whether that is a small fruit tree that requires it annual pruning or a large tree that requires removal.

Wood Matters prides itself on a professional approach from the initial discussion, site visit, free no obligation quotation and risk assessment through to a review and appraisal of work undertaken.

All sites are left clean and tidy and we are considerate of your requirements, the tree and environment.

Where trees do have to be felled, we are able to advise on a replacement if required.

Contact us for advice or for a site visit to discuss your requirements – with no obligation – 07974 300328 or 01743 891231

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