Our Services:

 Trees, Hedges & Woodlands

Wood Matters are able to provide a range of services in order to meet your Tree, Hedge or Woodland related needs. We try to retain trees where we can, however, where this is not possible due to a disease or instability or a long term management plan, we will remove the tree(s) for you.


We have a qualified team of flexible working staff that bring their own unique skill and craft to the task(s) set out – whatever that may be.  We are fully Insured up to £5m Public Liability and £10m Employee Liability.


Specialist Networks Available

We aim to be able to help you in all areas of tree work but if there are requests for a specific skill that we cannot assist then through our connections we can provide you with details where appropriate.


We are always Planting!

We always plant more trees than we fell and currently our planting to felling ratio for 2011/12-13 is 18:1.  2013-14 season figures are 27:1.  Winter 2015/2016 our planting ration was 26:1.  Winter 2016/17 planting ratio was 22:1.  Winter 2017/18 planting ration is 24:1.  Winter Planting for 2018/19 so far is 18:1