left-hedgesright-hedgesSAMSUNG Annual maintenance of your hedges, from the small to the extremely large either simply trimming or long term restoration with traditional hedge-laying…

Managing Your Hedges

We are happy to manage your hedge in whatever form that may take. Whether you have a small hedge that requires annual trimming or a large roadside hedge that needs a significant reduction and re-shaping, Wood Matters can help you.

We undertake all types, shapes and sizes of hedges in order to meet your specific requirements.  All the sites are left clean and tidy and free from any debris.

We can assist you in designing, planting and on-going maintenance.  Hedge planting schemes can be developed and as a example we are able to plant a countryside mixed hedge (hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, hazel, spindle ) or a simple Box or Yew hedge for your garden.

Wood Matters are able to carry out traditional hedge-laying for either hedgerows that have been specifically planted for laying or hedges that have been neglected or simply overgrown and they need to be brought back to proper management.  You may want the hedge-laying for a small hedge or a field boundary hedge to keep stock in.

Sometimes the hedge can be so bad that it requires coppicing and then re-planting in order to breathe new life into the hedge which can then become an established hedge within 5-7 years.

Whichever type your hedge is, we are happy to help.  For a free no obligation quote call us on 01743 891231 or 07974 300328

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